About Us

Lead has a dual mission to change the way companies promote and retain their employees in a data-driven way of utilizing AI; it increases employee happiness through self-development, and project-based mentor matching. Lead makes it easy for any organization to build a mentorship network across the company and industry. Lead also provides a leading HR tool, and data insights, to help companies maximize human capital, and create unbiased leadership and promotion pipelines, in order to increase diversity on every level of the management team.

Yumi Kimura

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, ex-country manager at Meitu Technologies, an international camera application developer, and mobile phone manufacturer that went IPO in Hong Kong in Dec. 2016, valued at $5 billion.

Nenad Milanovic


Experienced technical leader who created Clockify and built ShippingEasy V1 and V2. Reached two exits before 30th birthday.


Tom Kosnik

Former Adjunct Professor at Stanford School of Engineering & Stanford Tech Venture Program. Partner at FoundersX Ventures.

Piotr Feliks Grzywacz

Ex-Google’s Head of HR for APAC, specialized in leadership development. Founder at Pronoia Group and Motify.work. Best-selling book author.

Jeremy Glassenberg

First hire for the Box.com Platform. Ex-product head at Edmodo and Tradeshift.

Alex Bowe

Ph.D., Computer Science in data science, Expert in Machine Leaning, Natural Language Processing

Adam Traidman

Serial entrepreneur, engineer and cryptocurrency expert. Co-Founder and CEO at Bread (BRD).

Beate Chelette

Serial entrepreneur, sold her company to Bill Gates. Growth architect, CEO at The Growth Architect/The Women’s Code.

Dan Atkinson

Serial entrepreneur, increased ARR from $0 to nearly $20 million for a startup. Helped a company grow revenue from $5 million to over $250 million annually within 6 years. Co-founded MSP awarded the #1 position on the MSP mentor 100 list.